Jericho Rising Excerpt 1

Jericho Rising

Nearly every nation suffered profound loss, their landscapes bathed in blood. Many smaller towns throughout the United States experienced a mass exodus as the survivors moved to more populated areas seeking security, shelter, and food. A few brave souls chose to stay behind and struggled to maintain their ways of life.

In rural Lower Michigan, one disturbed woman took advantage of these circumstances. She made it her mission to twist her little part of the world into what she considered her own utopia. A perfect world in her eyes, where women ruled and men were nothing but slaves, pets, and playthings who had no rights and no voice. In this new world, hate replaced love and fear replaced peace.
A new Dark Age began as the self-proclaimed “High Priestess” ruled over all. If anyone dared to oppose her, they were taken into custody by her female guards and their wills broken with torture—or death.
Five years after it began, one young woman decided enough was enough. This woman believed that everyone—male and female alike—deserved the freedom that was stolen after the First War. One night, along with a small band of like-minded friends, this young woman led a rebellion that would ultimately become the Second War. This rebellion set off a chain of events that would alter history once more.
I was that young woman. My name is Jericho. This is my story.