Congratulations to the Following:

Dragon's Roost Press is pleased to announce that the following stories have been accepted for our current project, tentatively entitled Monsters In Spaaaaace!

Richard Beauchamp "Red Death"
Hillary Lyon "Bellerophon’s Gamble"
Chris Edwards "Government Issue"
Mariah Southworth "The Silver Crown"
Rose Strickman "The Rise of Iës"
Hailey Piper "Hairy Jack"
Buzz Dixon "Spider In A Space Helmet"

We are still working through the submissions and look forward to adding more authors and their works in the near future.

Thank You for a Wonderful StokerCon

Dragon’s Roost Press and Michael Cieslak would would like to take a moment to thank everyone for making our weekend at StokerCon such an amazing experience. In particular we would like to thank:

StokerCon in general especially Brian Matthews and Meghan Arcuri who went above and beyond to make sure that everything went smoothly.

Everyone at the
Amway Grand -- The hotel was beautiful and you were wonderful hosts.

Peggy Christie, booth partner extraordinaire. Thank you for coming out and supporting Dragon’s Roost Press, for volunteering your time at the booth, for your wonderful work as an author of amazing fiction, and most of all for being a great friend.

The other vendors for sharing laughs and so many good books.

Everyone who came to visit us at our table or who talked to us in the hallway, at panels, attended readings, and hung out with us at the bar. Thank you for the entertainment, insights, and for putting up with a failing voice.

Dark Doorways is Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the release of Dark Doorways by Peggy Christie. The paper back and Kindle versions are now available via Amazon. Other digital versions will be available soon.

If you would like to have your copy autographed, bring it to (or purchase it at)
StokerCon where Peggy has graciously donated her time to help staff the Dragon's Roost Press table.

The Dragon's Curse is Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the release of The Dragon's Curse by Mary Lynne Gibbs. The paper back is now available via Amazon. Digital versions will be available soon.

If you would like to have your copy autographed, bring it to (or purchase it at)
Penguicon this weekend!

Appearance Reminder or Where You Can Get Your Dragon’s Roost Press Fix

In case you missed it over at my personal blog, the Dragon’s Roost Press team is gearing up for a really busy month. We’ve been trying to branch out to new and different conventions while still having a presence at our all time favorites. Towards that end, this is what is on the horizon.

This Friday, 26 April (two days from now), Michael will be appearing at
Kazoo Books. There will be a reception for local writers groups, after which he will speak about small press publishing, dark speculative fiction, summoning Elder Gods, and whatever else might crop up.

The following weekend 3 - 5 May, is
Penguicon. Michael will be on a number of panels, many of them related to writing and/or horror. There is a ton of great programming, including panels with DRP author Mary Lynne Gibbs and a number of the GLAHW gang.

The weekend after that, 9 - 12 May, is
StokerCon. If you are a horror reader, you should definitely find the time to make your way to Grand Rapids. Dragon’s Roost Press will be in the vending room all weekend long. There will also be panels and readings with Michael, DRP author Peggy Christie, and a whole slew of GLAHW members.

The weekend after
that, 17 - 19 May, is the Motor City ComiCon. The Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers will be holding court as always. You should definitely stop by and say hello. Offerings of sugary foods and caffeine will not be dismissed.

The weekend after
that I’ll be sleeping.