My First Book Review of 2021

Good sci-fi melds interesting characters, a creative plot, and a fascinating idea. This is a great book, as it has all of this and more thought provoking ideas than any four normal books.

The world of Ghosts of Tomorrow is a future where brains can be scanned and used for their computing power. Illegal creches raise genetically altered children for the sole purpose of harvesting their minds to be used as computers, or trained and placed into robotic chassis serving as everything from servants to soldiers.

88 is one such child, who once she is harvested, becomes a sentient AI with the ability to self-replicate, to enter any network...

Griffin is a new agent for the North American Trade Union charged with shutting down the Brain Trade.

A wonderful set of twists throws the two into a chaos of big business, the South American mafia, children's brains trained as assassins, and a combat chassis questioning his humanity. The book explores the nature of self, of what makes us human, the ethical dilemmas of scientific progress, our dependency upon technology and the potential hazards which come with it, all while telling a compelling and action filled story.