Write On

I will admit, right away, that this post will not be for everyone. Heck, this might not be for anyone but a select few.

However, if you are a writer or just someone who like pens, well, congratulations, you are in the right place.

Before I go on, I should mention that I have quite the collection of amazing
1 pens. While I prefer roller balls when I’m going for fancy pens, I do have a few fountain pens as well. A good percentage of my “good” pens come from Brad, The Pen Guy who is an amazing artist.2 While these pens are beautiful, astounding, and incredibly comfortable, sometimes you don’t want to take your really cool pen out in public.

And, to be fair, I really like to try new pens.

This is why I was so excited when I found out that Sharpie was making a gel pen.

I really enjoy writing with gel pens. They usually have the nice ink flow and a smooth line. They are great for autographing books.

I picked up two sets of the new Sharpie S Gel Pens, one in 0.7mm and the other in 0.38mm. They come in a number of other sizes as well. The 0.7 is listed as a Medium point and the 0.38 is listed as an Ultra Fine. The Medium writes very smoothly, without stutters. You can see the ink quite well, but less than if you were using an actual Sharpie marker. I have not encountered any smudging when writing with it. However, I usually prefer a sharper point.

The Very Fine fits the bill quite nicely. It has that nice scratchy fell, perfect for those of us who like a bit of haptic response from our writing instruments. Despite this, the line is still nice and smooth. I’m interested seeing how the Fine (0.5mm) writes. Perhaps I will pick some of these up in different colors.
4 If you like something with a thicker line, there is a Bold (1.0mm) option, but I think that the Medium would be as wide as I go.

1 And in cases expensive.

2 Really, go to the website and order something. I usually buy in person at conventions, but 2020 was a pain in the butt.

3 This was always one of my favorite parts about back to school shopping.

4 For the autographing, natch.