This Book Is Going To Bother You...And That's A Good Thing

I had to set this book down for a while, and that is a mark of good writing.

There are some things in this book which may be triggering for people. There is gaslighting, and there is a huge portion of the plot which hinges on the exceptionally poor treatment of the female characters by those who are supposed to love them. The way Hendrix wrote this is so well done that it bothered my to the point where I had to let it sit for a while.

This is the mark of a good writer. The fact that I came back is another indication.

On the surface, this is the story of a group of southern women who have to come together to protect their families from a supernatural threat. If it had been left there, it would have been a fun, scary book. Instead we have layers upon layers: southern manners, racial and socio-economic divides, gender inequalities...

This is a well written, really good book, but it is going to bother you.