Read This Book NOW!

I was more than a little greedy with this book.

I took my own sweet time reading it.

You see, 2020 was a raging circus fire, the kind with melting clowns and giant piles of flaming elephant crap. The only thing that got me through that last month, and the following first month of 2020 Part 2: There's No Escape, is THIS BOOK.

Seriously, if it wasn't for Afro Puffs, I doubt that I would have retained the level of sanity that still remains in my system. Mr. Clabourne infuses his work with a poetry that naturally puts the soul at ease, even when in the middle of the actioniest of action scenes (of which there are many awesome ones). His belief in the possibility of a good and just world is there on the page for all to see and embrace, yet never jumps out to hit the reader on the head.

Now I loved the Brothers Jetstream: Leviathan. The characters, the plot, the insane and yet totally reasonable way everything melds together -- I compared it to a well crafted dessert that you didn't want to finish. No shade to Leviathan, but Afro Puffs is a feast.

Captain Desiree Quicho and her crew want nothing more than to take a little break, but that's not in the cards when there are so many different groups out to get their own. I'm not going to say anything more, plot-wise, because to give even the slightest of spoilers would be a disservice of astronomical proportions.

Look, just take my word for it, stop what you are doing and read this book right now.