Life, Love, and Meditation

Milo is running out of lives.

He has been reincarnated 9,995 times, the 10,000 life limit is coming up fast. Sometimes he does really well and then flubs it at the end. Other times he just totally screws the pooch and doesn't come close to maintaining the kind of loosely defined perfection required to step off of the cycle of reincarnation and join the Oversoul.

Part of the reason is Death -- or Suzie, if you prefer. After a couple hundred deaths, Milo has come to love Suzie and the two relish the time the spend together in between Milo's lives. He doesn't really want to join the Oversoul, as it would mean losing Suzie. The only problem is he doesn't have that many chances left.

We see portions of many of Milo's lives, some from our past, others in the distant future. Milo tries to build on what he learned in each previous life. Sometimes he gets closer to perfection, other times not so much. All the while he tries to figure out some way the he and Suzie can be together.

Reincartion Blues is a funny book filled with moments that will break your heart. It is a serious book that will have you examining your own life while laughing out loud. It is a book about learning, gaining wisdom, and about love.