You’re Not Supposed To Smile For The Mugshot

Look, I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time on this because A: I just did a whole rant related to a news story thing and B: I’m not going to feed the beast.

In fact, I’m not even going to name any names. I know that you know the little douchenozzle that I am talking about.

So we’ve got underage drinking, driving under the influence, reckless endangerment, driving on a suspended license, drag racing (which may or may not be an offense, who knows, it’s Florida), 20 over the speed limit, it’s quite the list. Now the question is, will their be any repercussions?

You might ask why, if I don’t want to talk about this particular bit of non-news, am I devoting a blog post to it? Because this touches on a whole slew of things that I have been ranting on for years.

How the creation of the twenty-four hour news cycle promoted the decline of real journalism and increased the cult of celebrity in this country to insane levels. This was the
lead news story on every station today. This was more important than local, state, federal, or international politics. This was more important than wars, famines, people dying because of intense cold. That’s just sad.
Along a similar vein, there is the whole definition of celebrity in and of itself. This is a spoiled twatwaffle who had become famous for singing inane songs of no musical merit or distinction. It’s the whole American Idol/X-Factor/It Person thing made huge. Talent has taken second place to marketing and physical appearance. It’s nauseating.
Which leads us right to the inherent classism of the American criminal justice system. Joe Shmoe gets picked up with a small amount of an illegal substance for his own recreational use and he gets mandatory jail time. This douchecanoe actually risks
other people’s lives in a blatant disregard for societal norms and will probably face no repercussions.
The reasoning behind our current drunk driving laws follows next. Everyone says it is to protect people from people who should not be operating motor vehicles. If that is the case, why is the police blotter in the local paper filled with reports of people who have been charged with OUI or DWI 2nd, 3rd, and 4th offenses. Why are these people still in the general populous and not locked up?
Then there are the public safety groups who try to regulate every aspect of society by forcing ratings and restrictions on things which may influence their spawn instead of caring for said spawn. “Won’t someone think of the children!” Want a good lesson for the tykes? Show them that actions have repercussions.
Finally there is the general rudeness which is caused by universal geocentricism. Everyone walks around with blinders on because they have been taught that they are the only thing in the entire world that matters, therefore they never need think of how their actions impact others. They are free to ignore laws, put other people in jeopardy, spit from balconies, you name it.

What all of this boils down to is that there is a great opportunity brewing in Florida right now. There is the chance to show the entire world that when
anyone acts with such flagrant disregard for the rules of polite society and the safety of others than that person will face actual punishment.

They still use Old Sparky down in Florida, don’t they?