The Writing Book Writers Need to Read

Is this book going to give you tips on plotting, characterization, outlining and all of that stuff that books with the word "writing" in the title usually cover?

Yeah, not really.

Is this book going to give you a wealth of sage advice?

Umm...define sage.

What this book does is provide a glimpse behind the curtain at the life of a brilliant, but shall we say less recognized, author. Anyone who is familiar with Mr. Strand, whether it be through his writing or the 10 times he MCed the Stoker awards, will know how amusing he is. With
The Writing Life, Strand reveals the ups, downs, and other movements which make up his career. He does indeed provide advice, and yes, some of it is sage (like the extremely important "don't be a douche."). It provides an honest, humorous, and at times heart wrenching examination of what it means to be a writer.

If you are an author, you may relate with some of these experiences. If you are someone looking to find out about the glamorous life of a writer, hold on to your seats for a dose of the truth provided by Dr. Strand. Either way, you will definitely enjoy this book.

Highly Recommended.