Review: Eyes of Doom by Richard Little

This review is based on an ARC.

Raymond Little asked me to read and review his new novel, Eyes of Doom. I am extremely glad that he did. Eyes of Doom in reminiscent of other horror novels, notably Stephen King's It, which shuttle the reader between childhood traumas and the same characters in the present. Unlike those novels, we get to follow the entire lives of the characters, watching how they intersect with various notable points in history.

The novel reminds the reader of those times, but we see them from the viewpoint of one or more of the characters. Each point is altered by the lens of the unknown trauma that the characters suffered when still in their childhood. This ramps up the tension to a level that few authors can sustain, but Little handles is masterfully.

Eyes of Doom is both an extended memoire of a group of friends and a suspenseful story of the friends' mysterious past. The need to know what happened will keep readers turning the pages well into the night.