Two Shows Worth (Binge) Watching

Binge Worthy Series From Across the Sea -- Ragnarok and Luna Nera

Have you been looking for a series to watch, but you don’t want to invest a lot of time? Are you looking for something with tinges of magic? Are you willing to watch something that is dubbed?

If yes, then I’ve got some recommendations for you.

One of the nice things about streaming services like Netflix is that the provide viewers with the opportunity to catch some material from somewhere other than Hollywood. We’ve recently binged our way through two very well made shows from Europe. This binging is made easier by the fact that there is only one season of each show available and each season is only six episodes long.

Luna Nera 

This Italian production is centered around a coven of witches and a group of witch hunters in the 17th century. While this could have been interesting if a little on the boring side if done as a straight women witches good/men hunters bad show, Luna Nera is brave enough to throw a couple of twist in the plot. One of the main witch hunters is the daughter of the head of the group. Both of them blame a wise woman for a recent death. One of the key characters on the witches’ side is a young boy.3

One of the most interesting, in terms of going against what one would expect, is the son of the head witch hunter. He is training to be a doctor, and as such does not believe in witchcraft. Despite this, he also possesses an incredible amount of sympathy, taking the side of the witches and even trying to protect them from the hunters.

Through in a Romeo and Juliet sub-plot, some Hogwarts bonding of the fledgling witches, beautiful cinematography, and engaging plots each week and you have a very enjoyable show.


Naturally, this show comes to us from Norway. A mother and her two high school aged sons move to the small town of Edda. The majority of the financial support for the town comes from one company -- which is owned by one family, the Jutuls.

I’m going to stop you right here. If you want to go in completely blind, stop reading here and skip ahead to the bolded area. After this point there will be some spoilers for information you learn early on.

Still with me?

OK, let’s go.

The Jutuls are actually jötunn, frost giants who have survived to the present day. We quickly deduce that the sons may be the reincarnations of Thor and Loki.

You’re safe from this point on.

The plot weaves Norse mythology with modern problems including environmental concerns, global warming, and the various problems students have to face. Is the company forcing the beginning of the next end times?

The writing and acting are excellent. There are some nice twists, especially early on.
5 Even if this was not the case, many of the outdoor scenes are so lovely that the show would be worth watching for them alone.

I recommend both series. It is a relief that both of these shows are filmed in foreign countries. I feel like they would both have suffered if they were the products of the Hollywood machine.

If you’re looking for something to watch over a weekend, you would do well to choose either of these shows.

1 The perfect length for an afternoon/evening watch.

2 If, say for example, you didn’t want to leave the house because it was cold, snowy, and miserable outside.

3 Apologies for not naming the actors. The information available about the show on-line is a bit sketchy and I had a difficult time remembering the characters names.

4 There was one thing which bothered me about the last episode, but I’m going to bury it at the end after the footnotes because it’s a bit on the spoilertastic side.

5 Including one which drives much of the season’s plots.


Unfortunately, many of the elements which I so enjoyed because they went against type are completely undone in the final cliffhanger. I won’t go into more than this, but you can probably guess one of them. The other one? I’d be really surprised if you got that one.