On the (Queen's) Road Again

Mr. Belcher has a way with road stories involving the supernatural. I have enjoyed the Brotherhood of the Road series and, while this is not part of that series, it is a fun and enjoyable book.

Ray Cosa is a normal guy with big problems. He has recently lost both his brother, his father, and his girlfriend. His job at a convenience store does not come close to covering the debts his mother has racked up to her drug dealer. When he sees a cherry Ford Galaxie sitting in a parking lot, he is just desperate enough to boost the ride.

Unfortunately, the car's owner is inside. Even worse, he is dying. Worse still, his killers are plant-like beings from another dimension who are determined to take over the Earth and then the rest of the Universe. Ray is drawn into the inter-dimensional conflict. He unwittingly becomes one of the Queen (of the Universe)'s Rangers. With the help of other Rangers including a gambler, a con-man, an entropy viewing thief, and and assassin as well as a knight and a non-corporeal being, and the very drug dealer his mother is indebted to, he must ride the Queen's Road, the cross-dimensional freeway, to stop the alien menace.